When should you visit Puerto Rico?

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4 Feb

When should you visit Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a year-round vacation destination with warm weather, annual festivals and endless natural wonders. The best time to visit is largely dependent on your interests and travel preferences.

The major tourist seasons are roughly from December to April as well as the entire months of July and August. Prices are highest and crowds thickest at these times especially on the coast.


Winter is a great time to visit Puerto Rico especially for travelers who are looking for an adventure away from the cold and snow of the United States. This Caribbean destination is a popular choice for those who want to explore tropical forests, cascading waterfalls and rugged mountains covered in lush greenery.

The climate in Puerto Rico is tropical marine, so the weather stays warm and sunny almost the entire year. January is the coldest month with average lows ranging from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 83 degrees.

This makes it a good time to enjoy the sun, sand and water of Puerto Rico beaches which are less crowded than in the summertime.

Spring is another wonderful time to explore this tropical island. Its also the best time to see bioluminescent bays which light up when millions of dinoflagellates are present.

This is the ideal time to explore caves, art districts, and El Yunque National Forest. Its also the best time to go snorkeling and scuba diving and mini boat rental puerto rico.


Spring is one of the best times to visit Puerto Rico especially when you’re looking for less rain and milder temperatures. The weather is comfortable and warm there are fewer tourists and many activities and tours are open for business.

Spring also brings one of the island most unique experiences sea turtle nesting season. The green and leatherback turtles arrive from cold Canadian waters to lay their eggs on Culebra and Mona Island off the west coast of Puerto Rico.

Seeing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat is something you won’t want to miss. Check out a tour that takes you to the nesting site and don’t forget to pack your camera!

Throughout May and June you can go snorkeling in the protected coral reefs along the western coast of Puerto Rico. The water temperature is perfect and the swells are smaller than in August. Rincon is another popular surf spot in this time of year with lots of beachfront accommodations and welcoming bed-and-breakfasts.


If you want to get the most out of your vacation its a good idea to visit when the weather is mild. There are fewer crowds hotels and attractions are less expensive and you can enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico.

A tropical island paradise the island beaches bioluminescent bays and steamy forests are the perfect place to unwind in the sun during summer. This is also when you can enjoy many of the most popular events on the island including Carnaval de Ponce and Festival Casals.

The island flowers bloom and tree frogs trill in hopes of attracting mates. You can go on nature walks in El Yunque National Forest visit art districts and browse street markets.

If you’re a thrill seeker take your pick of some of the world most awe inspiring beaches including Flamenco Beach in Vieques. The water is calm and crystal clear making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling.


If you’re looking for a tropical escape without the crowds Puerto Rico is the place to be during fall. The island is a picture-perfect beach destination with bioluminescent bays steamy forests and rich culture.

The weather is warm and dry during this time of year with average highs in the mid 80s Fahrenheit and lows in the 20s Celsius. There a lot to do including visiting El Yunque Rainforest or snorkeling in a pristine bay.

Though hurricanes are common in the tropics, you can expect them to hit only once or twice a year on average. Before the 2017 Hurricane Maria the last major storm to hit the island was in 1931.

The shoulder seasons September to December and April to May are also great months to visit. During these months you get a quieter Caribbean experience with fewer tourists and better rates. You also be able to take advantage of discounts and deals from hotels and attractions.

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