How To Pack Lightly When Traveling

21 Jun

How To Pack Lightly When Traveling

It can be such a burden to carry large amounts of luggage around with you! But, if you master Packing of Lightly, you will be able to move from destination to destination with no one on wheels. I have learned along the way my own Packing skills.

Passport is not the only thing you need to travel with. You’ll also need to keep important papers at the top of your travel packing so you don’t have to worry about checking them in your checked luggage. The following is a list of the most important travel documents you’ll want to bring on every trip you make.


It is one of the most important things you need to travel with. You should always have an up-to-date passport that is good for the length of your trip.

Passport photos are essential and can make your travel so much easier. Since you’ll be traveling for long, expect to get a couple of extra photos.

Travel Insurance

This is a must, especially if you are taking a lot of international trips. Travel insurance will be very handy in times of an emergency. You must be able to prove the value of your luggage and be sure it will be able to withstand some pretty harsh conditions.

Credit Cards Though you may be carrying cash, credit cards are good to have just in case you might run out of money. A little careful paying is a good idea, too. Island Journeys travel guide explains other ideas to travel lighly.

ATM Card The ATM card is one of the most useful traveling necessities. With one of these ATMs, you can withdraw large amounts of money from an ATM machine in almost any currency. This makes it great for those countries where the ATMs aren’t common.

Travel compact bag

The travel compact bag is a great idea for keeping important items with you at all times. It is very handy when you are short on space.


The emblem on the side of your suitcase is often good luck or bad luck, depending on who you are traveling with. If you don’t have one, maybe you never even had one; then at least have a couple tattoos on your bag to signify what it is to you.


Money is one of the most important items while traveling. Make sure your money belt is tight enough to hold the entire weight of your bags (at least 1.5 meters). Avoid belt slippage and keeps your money looking like a belt. When traveling, remove the coins from their individual pockets and stash them in your money belt. It is also good to carry lots of bills in your money belt so you’ll have enough of the local currency for small purchases.

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